Crystal Waves Crochet Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: Light #3 Baby Yarn

Yardage Needed: 4 skeins of yarn (about 560 grams)

Stitch Multiple: 4

Measurements: 30.5in long x 29.5in wide without border

ch – chain
dc – double crochet
sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
fpsc – front post single crochet

Row 1: Ch 136, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in same st, sk 3 sts, sc in next st, ch 3, work 3 dc in same space, *sk 3 sts, Sc in next st, ch 3, work 3 dc in same space,* repeat from * * to end, sc in last st, ch 3, turn

Row 2: 2 dc in the sc from previous row, *fpsc around the 3rd dc of the 3 dc group, ch 3, 3 dc in the next ch 3 space, *repeat from** to the last sc around 3rd dc of the last 3 dc group. Ch 3 turn

Row 3: Repeat row 2 for approximately 42 rows.

Row 43: Ch 7, sc on the 3rd dc of the first fan (the last dc b4 (prior to or before the ch-3). Ch 4, sc on the 3rd dc of the next fan. Continue like this until the end. At the end finish with 1 dc on last stitch. Once you do this you can easily work single crochets all around for any border of your choice. Make sure to put 3 sc on every corner so you can turn easily.